• Both construction projects will have similar dimensions of :
    • approx. 5’000 sqm each,
    • 60 senior units each,
    • split between serviced apartments and EMS / UVP beds still to be defined
  • Optimisation plans together with the future tenant and the City Council
    in order to offer efficient and flexible residences
  • Both projects would be pre-leased on long-term basis

2 x 5’000 m²

env. 10’000 m²

-1 + G + 2

2 x 10




  • On the outskirt of the city-center of Delemont, capital city of the Canton Jura
  • Both grounds are located in the city center, close to commodities
  • Adjacent to the future “eco-quartier”, under construction, offering a shopping mall, a theatre, and housing.